If a product is 100% natural does that mean we can consume it?

This question has come up multiple times and is very popular. One of the first times I heard this question was from our office peon, Sarath. He had joined our company just about a couple of days ago. He was assigned to label our products when he turned to me and asked “Ma’am, you say our products are 100% natural, water is also 100% natural, does that mean we can drink our cleaners like we drink water?”. He was recollecting the USPs of our products we had briefed him with after he had joined us. It was when I heard Sarath’s question I understood what a common misconception the phase ‘100% natural’ brings along. It was then that I understanding the true nature of Sarath’s
query and replied, “Everything natural is not safe for human consumption.” Let me elaborate further and help you understand better.

Organic Floor cleaners
Organic Floor Cleaners for residential and industrial purposes

When a product is truly organic in nature it is made of naturally derived formulations, yet that doesn’t mean that the product is safe for human consumption. It is universally known that everything in the environment is not safe for human consumption.
There are various plants, flowers, fruits and natural extracts that cause allergic reactions and sometimes prove to be deadly for humans. Immune system deficiencies also lead to various food allergies among-st people for otherwise commonly consumed items.
Organic cleaning products are made from strong naturally derived components which isolate particular properties of that particular item. Let me give you a few examples. The seeds of apple contain cyanide and cyanide is proven to be dangerous when consumed in large concentrated quantities. So when you accidentally eat an apple seed you will not be affected but if you tend to eat a spoonful of cleaned, de-flossed and crushed apple seeds your body will react to the cyanide.
Another example would be neem. Ancient scripts are adorned with the usage of neem as an herbal and Organic floor cleaner. It is also natural insecticide and pesticide. With the boom of the recent do- it-yourself trend, neem has become a popular ingredient for Organic Washroom cleaners and floor cleaners. Despite these amazing qualities, neem causes allergic reactions among-st people when consumed in concentrated dosages. People face high levels of discomfort and irritation on consuming large quantities of neem.

Botanique’s cleaners are produced with natural components. Its formulations are truly organic but haven’t been tested for human consumption, yet it makes them extremely safe for human usage. The natural formulation of our household cleaners ensure no allergic reactions or exposure to toxicity that you would experience when you use regular chemical cleaners. When you replace your cleaning fluids with natural based cleaners, you ensure that your household is clean in the truest sense as your body does not interact with chemicals in any form. Botanique’s range of products are
effective cleaners with a purpose to turn your home into a sterile habitat for your loved ones.

For more information about these products,

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